Basil Tomato and Parmesan Soup

Recipe number: 8

Date attempted: 1/30/16

Photo via tasteslovely, what the soup should’ve looked like
  • Link:
  • Review: I found this link on pintrest and honestly it was kind of meh. I subbed half and half for the heavy cream but other than that I kept it pretty much the same to the recipe. I wasn’t getting the kind of flavor I wanted at first so I think I added in way too much parmesan and it didn’t all melt properly. With a piece of bread it tasted fine but no matter what I did the texture was kind of off. It was a fine soup, nothing to really write home about but I’d try making something similar again. It didn’t blend up as well as the butternut squash soup (probably need an immersion blender) so overall a meh result. I won’t write it off but I’ll probably try something else next time I make tomato soup.

I’m not including a recipe for this soup because like I said before it wasn’t that good and I wouldn’t recommend it.


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