Marshmallow Fondant

Date Attempted: 11/20/16

Recipe Number: 42


These Recipes are out of order and for that I’m sorry. I am not sorry for how good they are though, they deserve to be posted, even if it’s 3 months late.


This year for my birthday I had the best friends. My friend taught my roommate C and I how to make marshmallow fondant and how to manipulate it to cover cupcakes. yum. I have never been one to like fondant much, usually it’s tasteless and kind of gross. This fondant,however, is kind of life changing, good.  I don’t have the artistic skills that the other fondant makers had but overall it was a fun afternoon!


The recipe is in the pictures below because I can’t actually find it online to blow it up bigger. The biggest thing to remember here though, if the fondant is drying out add more crisco, if it’s too sticky add more cornstarch. It should be easy to work with and smooth. Have fun with colors!



adding melted marshmallows to the stand mixer
the fondant coming together, marshmallows, sugar, vanilla, yum
rolling out the first piece before any food coloring is added
you could also make fondant bras and boobies. We are adults and maintain that status.

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