Rosh Hashanah Dinner

Date Attempted: 10/1/16

Recipe Numbers: 32,33,34,35

Shana Tova! I hosted Rosh Hashanah dinner for my roommates and some of my Jewish friends down here in El Paso. The food was all amazing. I’m posting this so that I can save all my recipes that I used (even if some were from memory, like my baked brie). Unfortunately I really didn’t take many pictures. I just enjoyed the cooking and baking process and then realized once the meal was done that I had exactly 4 photos of the whole experience and one was a pretty gross picture of the 40 cloves of garlic sauce (it was so yummy, just not beautiful to look at). For that reason I decided to combine all 4 of these recipes into one post. Big shout out to my mom and my aunt for the Rugelach and Noodle Pudding recipes. Both amazing — there was leftover rugelach for about a day and a half. The leftover noodle pudding lasted about that long.


The menu for Rosh dinner was (recipes for all to follow):

  1. baked brie
  2. Aunt Marni’s Noodle Pudding
  3. 40 Cloves of Garlic Chicken
  4. Greek Style Quinoa Salad
  5. Honey-Sriracha Brussels sprouts (baked this time not fried!)
  6. Roasted Broccoli (thanks to my roommate)
  7. My mom’s Rugelach

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Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Date Attempted: 9/24/16

Recipe Number: 31

Sometimes I like to play chopped in my house. Sometimes I realize I have no ingredients so I go to the supermarket. Sometimes I end up with squash blossoms from the farmers market and I decide to stuff them. For those who don’t know (let’s be real, the only person seeing this is my mom and she knows what squash blooms are) These are the blossoms from squash plants. They taste pretty cool and they make an awesome garnish for a fancy salad or entree. In my case, my roommate and I just ate them. C and I went to the farmers market last weekend and I saw this woman selling squash blossoms. I’ve always liked them stuffed with goat cheese and she sold me 6 for $1 so I got them and went home to play chopped. This recipe is my own (yay!) though it is based off of a variety of sources I found on the googles.


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Stuffed Avocados

Date Attempted: 9/10/16

Recipe Number: 28

My roommate C and I LOVE avocados, I mean who doesn’t? When I stumbled upon this recipe on food52 I knew I was going to try it and she was going to be my taster. While it’s not a ton of food, it’s very filling and gets you all of those good fats that you’re always hearing about. If I were to ever host a schmancy dinner party, I would make this as an appetizer in a second.

not as elegant as food 52 maybe –but just as yummy!

Link to the original: food52


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